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Published September 9, 2019

One Nurse Universe is garnering attention from both the medical and the non medical reading groups. Its broad appeal makes it a perfect fit for anyone curious about who nurses are, how they train. And how they traverse their day to day work environment.

“Susan Turnage’s One Nurse Universe  is one of those few in a life-time books you will savor and not want to end. It is an authentic, heart-touching, and often times tear-inducing, educational memoir of an earnest woman who set a sincere intention to become a nurse despite enormous obstacles in the late 1960’s at a time when careers and career paths for women were not the norm. 

Ms. Turnage shares her journey from childhood to nursing school, to novice nurse and beyond, in a series of short vignettes candidly describing impactful experiences with matter-of-fact honesty infused with a deep sense of caring and razor sharp humor that elevate the reader as she meticulously winds through her decades of experience as a child who loved the smell of band aids, as a young woman applying to nursing school with no money to pay for it, as a young nurse who was hazed by patients and fellow nurses alike, and as a seasoned nurse in a wide variety of medical and nursing settings (spanning from hospitals to jail to medical hospice and more).  

As such, it is an eye opening behind-the- scenes account of nursing which is a must read for anyone in or considering the nursing or healthcare field.  BUT it is so much more!

On a grander scale, Susan Turnage’s book is a timeless snapshot of humanity in its most vulnerable state. It reminds us that we are all vulnerable regardless of age, wealth, social status and mental acuity and that only kindness can ease suffering. Medical care without kindness will never alleviate the underlying suffering that we all experience in one form or another as part of the human experience. We can all learn from Susan Turnage’s book how to approach suffering with kindness. And when we suffer, we can only hope that a Nurse Susan will be there for us.” Elizabeth White, JD, 200 RYT Integral Yoga          September 8, 2019