Cover Illustration

Published July 27, 2019

It’s me!

There was no debate about what illustration I would choose to appear on the cover of my occupational memoir,”One Nurse Universe.”

My son, Nick, painted this picture of me, for Mothers’ Day, when he was 6 years old. It is truly how I see myself- open arms and big hands ready to help. BTW, I added the stethoscope.

It’s how I see all nurses. Especially for those of us who view our profession as a calling. A natural inclination to lean into others discomfort. A malignant curiosity to learn how the body functions, how it heals and how we can comfort during that process. With the knowledge of modern nursing science and the empathy of a healer, Nurses have helped countless patients along their path to healing.

I have two renderings of me that Nick created in primary school for a Mother’s Day card. One is this cover illustration. The other is a red pencil drawing of my head. No body. In it I sport razor sharp pointed teeth. A snarl of lips. Glaring eyes. But, the master stroke in this piece of art is the smoke that billows from my nose. To explain: Nick wanted to wear shorts to school, I said, “NO”, “It’s too cold out.” Then he went to school and drew his Mama for his card.

So glad I saved these treasured art works. I know ‘mad Mama’ will find it’s way into use somehow!